90 Minute Salem Sound Tour

Migratory birds, such as warblers and other songbirds fly overhead.  Herons, terns, cormorants, Eider ducks, and even puffins have been spotted.  The rocky coasts and many small barrier islands are sunny spots for harbor seals and turtles.

The tide pools are teaming with little creatures such as crustaceans and sea urchins. The waters below shelter beds of native flowering seagrass, lobsters, bivalves, and are home to flounder, mackerel, striped sea bass, bluefins. Even the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale has been seen.

Let our captain and crew to share with you the beauty of Salem Sound on aboard the Endeavour.


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90 Minute Tour of Salem Sound on the Endeavour
Great Misery Island

Visit Misery Island

Our four times a day shuttle service departs the Salem Willows Park pier and travels to the Misery Islands. Here you can hike more than two miles of trails on Great Misery Island that lead you through forest, small meadows, and rocky shore to spectacular overlooks and stony beaches.

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We provide for many different types of private events. We have beer, wine and food. We can also land on Misery Island during the event.

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sea station

Sea Station

Explore our sister project, Sea Station, a non-profit dedicated to Scientific Exploration and Education in Salem Sound.

Visit The Sea Station Website